Our solution

Gwydeon is a digital desk that takes into account the new educational reality. Gwydeon is the solution for the digital adaptation of teachers and students. It has been built in favor of inclusion and integration, adapting the tools to schools and spaces.

Gwydeon is the next step between current education and the future. It has been thought for you, for colleges and institutes, specialized centers, academies, universities or individuals. And it is complemented with other tools and methodologies. We seek solutions for the needs of everyone, because we want to build a more social education.

We know that not all centers need the same, and that is why we have designed a tool that adapts to what each student, center or teacher needs. Gwydeon is a table, an integrated computer and a tablet. All in one!

What can you do with Gwydeon?
· Install programs and applications.
· Control student access and performance.
· Move and design the class as we need.
· Work individually or in groups.
· Work on how a conventional table.
· Work with Windows, Android or Linux.

Students need that the education adapt to their interests and enhance their critical thinking. Students need to be able to create their own tools and work for their objectives, and keep them motivated.

Out the complications of an installation, or having to look for all the necessary programs or complements. Just tell us what you need and we will do everything. We will put the desks, the programs and everything you need and install them, you will not have to worry about anything.

The Gwydeon desks have the power of a good computer, but with the facilities of a tablet.

Example technical features:

  • Projected capacitive touch screen of 21.5 "HD and 10 simultaneous presses.
  • Procesador Intel Chip i5-2410M (dualcore3.2G).
  • Disco sólido (SSD) 128G.
  • Memory RAM 8G DDR3.
  • Integrated graphic.
  • Audio card and integrated speaker.
  • Works with Windows, Linux or Android.
  • USB 3.0 (x4), audio/micrófono (x2), botón de encendido (x1), alimentación (x2), WiFi y Bluetooth 4.0.

Physical features:

  • Surface of polished wood, liquid proof.
  • Stainless steel structure for wheelchairs and high resistance.
  • Adjustable tilt between 1º and 60º to see and work better.
  • Double feed for greater mobility.
  • Adjustable legs in height up to 13 cm.
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